lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

YPF is worth 800 U$ S billion only in oil;Argentina

It's technically recoverable resources hosted in the 12 000 km2 that the company has in the area of Neuquén. The calculation takes as data reports YPF and of the International Energy Agency (EIA) reserves. The figure is much higher at U$ S 5000 million of compensation that the country paid for the expropriation of the company.

With the road paved after the closing of the agreement with Repsol, began to grow the possibilities that the unconventional site Vaca Muerta is YPF key to revert the millionaire national energy deficit in oil and gas.

Miguel Galuccio driving has in folder new associative potential schemes with foreign companies, to inject dollars into an oil area which - already without the weight of international political and economic conflicts - acquired an important value in foreign currency, which would surpass US$ 800 billion S only in technically recoverable petroleum resources.

I.e. alleged stocks of resources that require investment and time long to extract, in addition to the always latent risk of economic viability of the resource. This will add to the potentiality of the unconventional gas - harder to measure - could that value t

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