lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Russia and its presence in the Crimea, the tension grows

During the last 24 hours, 10 combat helicopters and eight Russian transport planes landed on the peninsula, according to border guards; international pressure mounts

KIEV-Russia seems to not change his mind despite international pressure and sent more military to the autonomous peninsula of Crimea in Ukraine, as they reported from Kiev, in the midst of a growing tension between Moscow and the West.

During the last 24 hours, 10 combat helicopters and eight Russian transport aircraft landed in the Crimea, while Ukraine was advised, contrary to what they provide for agreements between the two countries, today indicated the Ukrainian border guards.

The agreement on the status of the fleet of the Russian Black Sea, based in Crimea, stipulates that the Government of Ukraine should be informed 72 hours in advance of any movement of Russian troops, they underlined in Kiev.

From 1 March, four Russian warships of the Baltic fleet also entered the port of Sevastopol, according to the same source.

Crimea was conquered by Russia at the end of the 18th century. In the heart of the Soviet Union belonged to Russia, before moving to Ukraine in 1954.

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Oscar 2014: Pharrel Williams sang Happy

Happy"theme of the animated film"Despicable me 2"was presented onstage by its author Pharrell Williams at the Oscars gala.

Rapper was presented with his peculiar hat (who has an account on Twitter) and made to dance to the public at the pace the sticky issue that is part of the soundtrack of the film which was nominated for best animated film.

The presentation was attended by dancers who performed stunts and jumps during the song.

The topic is nominated for an award Oscar in the category of best Original Song

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Lugano "responsibility to defend the Jersey of the will"

The celestial Captain spoke with Radio Sport 890 and held that "it is always nice to return to join us as companions". Also added that despite being a friendly match "is a responsibility to defend this Jersey".

About Martín Cáceres and Abel Hernández, injured last weekend, said that "they were casual blows of the own football". He added that all seek to take care of yourself as much as possible and are therefore who in contact. "We talk all the time among all by whatsapp. We have a group and communicate there."

In terms of its present, it was very satisfied since this year has managed to "have several minutes". "Being this age and play in England is a privilege. I am also very comfortable, so I in the club like my family in everyday life. I am very happy", she said.

Finally, it was asked about the problems of the AUF in Uruguayan football clubs. "We have to contribute from our place, trying anything from the outside affects us to continue leading Uruguay to be at the top," mused.

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YPF is worth 800 U$ S billion only in oil;Argentina

It's technically recoverable resources hosted in the 12 000 km2 that the company has in the area of Neuquén. The calculation takes as data reports YPF and of the International Energy Agency (EIA) reserves. The figure is much higher at U$ S 5000 million of compensation that the country paid for the expropriation of the company.

With the road paved after the closing of the agreement with Repsol, began to grow the possibilities that the unconventional site Vaca Muerta is YPF key to revert the millionaire national energy deficit in oil and gas.

Miguel Galuccio driving has in folder new associative potential schemes with foreign companies, to inject dollars into an oil area which - already without the weight of international political and economic conflicts - acquired an important value in foreign currency, which would surpass US$ 800 billion S only in technically recoverable petroleum resources.

I.e. alleged stocks of resources that require investment and time long to extract, in addition to the always latent risk of economic viability of the resource. This will add to the potentiality of the unconventional gas - harder to measure - could that value t

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