lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Lugano "responsibility to defend the Jersey of the will"

The celestial Captain spoke with Radio Sport 890 and held that "it is always nice to return to join us as companions". Also added that despite being a friendly match "is a responsibility to defend this Jersey".

About Martín Cáceres and Abel Hernández, injured last weekend, said that "they were casual blows of the own football". He added that all seek to take care of yourself as much as possible and are therefore who in contact. "We talk all the time among all by whatsapp. We have a group and communicate there."

In terms of its present, it was very satisfied since this year has managed to "have several minutes". "Being this age and play in England is a privilege. I am also very comfortable, so I in the club like my family in everyday life. I am very happy", she said.

Finally, it was asked about the problems of the AUF in Uruguayan football clubs. "We have to contribute from our place, trying anything from the outside affects us to continue leading Uruguay to be at the top," mused.

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